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We’re back on the ball diamonds! Between our two sons schedules, I can be found at some surrounding baseball diamond almost every night of the week.

One of the things about baseball is that it takes a team to win. There can be individual star pitchers, catchers, hitters … but without everyone applying their personal best - through their own desire, ambition and skill - its tough to win. Small business is the same! As an owner, you are a star of your business. But without recruiting a team of players, it’s tough or impossible to win.

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Hand-Drawn Doodles

A quick inspirational post today (a quickie but a goody!) showcasing a selection of beautiful hand-drawn doodles in web design; a trend that is becoming ever more popular as the weeks pass by.

DIY Security

Get inside the mind of a burglar. A perpetrator will try to enter a house if they believe it is unguarded and unprotected. They will look for signs that this house is a safe bet or a home to stay away from.


These loans are designed to fully comply with program requirements established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - the two government sponsored entities that buy and sell loans from independent mortgage lenders across the United States.
Ready For a Career Change
There are many valid reasons why you may be considering a change in career. Some of the more common career change reasons are

Amazing Facts about Flagpoles

There are several different varieties of flagpoles available in the market today. These items vary widely in terms if make and design. Well, you must have heard these lines a thousand times before. Therefore, we are not really interested in repeating them again. Today, in this article we are definitely going to discuss commercial flagpoles, aluminum flagpoles and different other flagpoles, but in an offbeat manner. Our focus would remain on flagpole trivia- facts that are just as amazing as the objects themselves.

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Picture of 90X Workout

90X Workout

This X90P workout is made up of three stages. The initial thirty days stresses on advanced protein over and above lower carbohydrates to educate the user the correlation between carbohydrates and energy. Once the user has grasped this phase, then he or she proceeds to the next stage that entails an increase in carbohydrates proportions. The third and final stage is all about higher carb athletes.



Acne is a derma botheration that has abhorrent furnishings not alone on the derma but aswell to the claimed activity of the sufferer. In a lot of cases, abscess starts to arise on boyish years and some abide to ache from it until adulthood. It is a could cause of embarrassment, affliction and frustrations. Imagine getting angry down on a date just because you accept acne. Rejection like this can ruin your cocky aplomb and self-esteem. Would it be abundant if you ascertain an another antidote for abscess that could change your life?

Picture of Child Custody

Child Custody

In many relationship breakups the children live with one parent or the other. Worries that the children are being neglected in some way can enormously stressful. Maybe your children are left alone for unreasonable lengths of time or they may now be living in an environment where substance abuse is affecting them. Evidence that support any of these suspicions, could help you in a bid for amendments to an existing custody order.

Employee Investigations

Employee investigations are used to investigate current employees, which may involve monitoring employees while on the job, when they call in sick or in other situations. Other concerns that may be investigated include employee misconduct, employee harassment, employee discrimination, unsafe workplace concerns and many more. Our investigative specialists conduct these investigations to bring cases to a successful conclusion, ensuring that information is reliable and factual before decisions are made.


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10. May
The power of metal recycling and how it helps our nature

The power of metal recycling and how it helps our nature

There are a lot of reasons to recycle the metal than to waste it away. It might seem convenient to simply throw away the cans and cartons rather than recycling them. However, you would be amazed knowing how simple act of recycling metal can contribute to conserving Mother Nature. Here are the reasons why metal …
6. May
10 Tips to Help Children Cope with A Divorce

10 Tips to Help Children Cope with A Divorce

A divorce is a gruelling and exhausting experience for the entire family. Even an amicable divorce can be something the children might find difficult to cope with. In such cases, parents and guardians can take some steps to help them manage the stress and frustration. 1. Reassure them As parents it is your responsibility to …