3 Most Effective Cisco Ethernet Switching Modules

Innovation has reached its pinnacles with 10 gigabit and 8 port module,(pinnacle with) WS-X6708-10G-3C from Cisco. has come up(This 10 gigabite and 8 port module come) with advanced features for high speed connectivity and it has the potentiality to cover extensive distances. It comes up with inbuilt capability to support pluggable optic fiber to a longer distance of whopping at about 80 kilometers over single approach fiber and 300 meter over multifold one. It can hold up up to 15 meters over copper. Interestingly, this apparatusis contrived on a single catalyst 6500 chassis is equipped the capability to provide up to 64 numbers of 10 gigabit Ethernet ports (which), Thishowever, turns this deviceinto an ideal one that can be installed in the aggregation covering of data centers and LAN campus.

(Listed below are some of the best Ethernet switching modules from Cisco.)

  • WS-X6708-10G-3C:, that is belonging to(This module of) Cisco 6500 series is interoperable with administrator engine 720 and it is equipped with the capacity to offer 40Gigabits per second connectivity to the switch fabric. The device is backward compatible with catalyst 6500 existing service modules and line cards. This will help the service providers and enterprises to offer increased network capabilities and a new second layer through 7 services for increasing the user productivity and revenue without going for complete up gradation of the equipment.
  • WS-X6748-GE-TX: (This)is the latest modular switch for integrated data centers that can be operated on Cisco 6500 series supervisor engine 720 and it offers high performance 48-port Ethernet. It will give up to 386 numbers of 10/100/1000 high performance Ethernet over copper ports. Another advantage is (that WS-X6748-GE-TX is) scalable, field upgradable and flexible daughter card options for supporting locally distributed forwarding through DFC3Afor return and protection of investment. It has the capability to support up to 9000 bytes that is commonly required in data centers. Cable fault detection and trouble shooting is possible with the help of a future support provided for an integrated domain-time reflect-meter
  • WS-X6708-10G-3C:(This module)is definitely one of the superior devices for operating a data center. It delivers relentless velocity. This will be advantageous because the IT staff productivity and service velocity is increased by the operational speed it provides. Growth in any direction is possible with architectural scalability. Consolidation of chassis for bandwidth aggregation is made possible with increased port density. An increased port buffering of 200 MB per port has brought in more efficiency in transmissions for long haul connections. Heavy traffic is more efficiently handled by a new scheduler. All new queuing mechanism based on DSCP (Differentiated services code point) based queue mapping that allows egress and ingress queuing for providing more granular traffic. This new device from the 6500 series will be of great use to the users of high density data centers.


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