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The importance of having a roof above one’s head is immense. Though there is always the idea of living on rent but those are only short tem solutions. Finally, there will be a need to sit down and plan to buy a new home. There may be a hidden desire to opt for a single family home. These are ideal as one has the full home to enjoy. Within the compound there is absolute freedom. However, there is a flip side to the argument. A single family home is bound to weigh heavily on the finances. Therefore, if the finances are a concern one can always consider multiple residential apartments.

These multiple residential complexes can also be referred to as sky scrappers. While they are bound to save costs there are other factors that need to be looked into, while buying apartments in such residential complexes. While there are multiple flat owners there is a need to pay attention to the management team of that individual high rise. One will defiantly not love the idea of having a dirty common space. Therefore, is there a person who is responsible for cleaning up the common space? Is there a club room where people can get together and relax on weekends or other off days? These are some questions that need to be asked.

Just like any other home security is a factor that needs attention. The residential complex must be gated properly so that criminal activities can be checked. In fact, a gate can be useful so that the little one just does not run onto the road while playing. Besides, proper car parking facilities are also needed. When all these factors must combine the name that stands apart is 900 Biscayne Bay. It is a skyscraper in Miami Florida. Located downtown it is a part of the Biscayne wall a series of similar skyscrapers visible from Biscayne Bay.

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