Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Save money while enjoying fresh air

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners are becoming an important part of conservation. It is particularly so if you are running an air conditioning system which can use a great deal of electricity.

This means an air conditioner can add significantly to your energy bill as well as to global warming. Therefore for both reasons, it is important to look for ways to decrease the amount of energy used by your air conditioning system.

Ways to save Energy on your Air Conditioning

One way you can do this is to install the Power Save 1200 in your home. Power Save 1200 reduces power wastage by home appliances including air conditioners. Air conditioners and other appliances such as freezers, washing machines, fans and vacuum cleaners use inductive motors.

Inductive motors create a lot of wasted heat energy which is stored in the home by Power Save 1200 and then given back to the motors when needed. This process can reduce energy bills by up to twenty five percent.

An electronic thermostat offers another means of saving energy. A manual thermostat system on air conditioning and heating systems can easily be forgotten in a rush to leave the house. This means you are using electricity that you don’t need to use.

However, you can program an electronic thermostat to adjust temperature when you are not at home and readjust before you come home. You can save a great deal of energy by not heating or cooling your home when you are not there or when you are asleep and do not need to be cooled as the temperature drops during the night.

By simply adjusting the setting of your air conditioner’s thermostat you can save substantially on your power bills. It has been found that for every degree you increase your thermostat setting, you lower your air conditioning installation adelaide costs by seven to ten percent.

Using Ceiling Fans with Air Conditoiners

The simple step of using ceiling fans in conjunction with your air conditioner can also save you a great deal of money. Using your air conditioners own fan system wisely can also increase its energy efficiency. There are generally two fan settings on most central air conditioner thermostats.

When set to ‘on’ the fan is always on and is therefore using energy constantly. When set to ‘auto’ the fan only operates when the compressor is working during cooling cycles which means the fan is working a lot less than otherwise, saving energy and money.

Using this setting also allows moisture to be circulated back into the home when the compressor is off which improves humidity control.

Incentives for saving Energy

Another way of saving money with energy efficient air conditioning systems is by taking advantage of government tax credits. The Energy Policy Act 2005 was introduced to encourage consumers to buy energy efficient products.

By choosing to purchase an energy efficient air conditioning system you will be able to apply for a tax credit of up to $300. It is important to realize that this will not save your upfront air conditioning costs if you were planning to by a cheaper, less efficient system, however you will save on monthly power bills.

Over time this saving is likely to be significant, so the government incentive to purchase a more energy efficient system will help you to save money over the long term.

Energy efficient air conditioners with an energy efficiency ratio of 13 or higher and a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 15 will generally qualify for a tax credit. However, to be granted a tax credit the system will also need to be installed by a certified electrician.

These are simple ways you can use energy efficiently while enjoying a cooler, more comfortable environment during unpleasantly hot times. There are probably more ways than these and it can be an interesting exercise to discover them.

The benefit to your pocket and to the environment is worth the effort to reduce your energy usage generally and the amount of power your air conditioner uses in particular.