Top 3 Reasons Why Website Push Notification is Better than Email Marketing

web push notification

Digital marketing doesn’t seem to get any better than what it is now. Some time back, everyone was delighted by how emails were giving a golden opportunity to business people to get the better of digital marketing. And it is also well-acknowledged that what all mileage email marketing got is partly out of the fact that it lets the businesses reach out to their audience directly and partly because it is a cost-effective way. But these very benefits of email marketing are the only thing that became the prominent reason why such a promising way of digital marketing is approaching its end. Now what the case is every time a person logs on to his/her email, he/she finds plethora of emails piling up in the inbox, forcing him/her to ignore most of them. So, now the chances of your promotional emails getting disregarded are more than ever.

Cut to this time now, we have web push notification, a newer, apparently better email marketing alternative. Read on to find out how web push can surpass emails.

1. It gives more control to your subscribers, and placate the email marketing haters with it: Email marketing helped many, but let’s just accept it, it has only ended up pestering many more. At one point or the other, all of us have complained about receiving mails in bulk and having a tough time sifting through all the hundreds of thousands of unread mails. So, in this scenario, web push notification is here for better. Push notification offers more control to the subscribers as compared to emails. With notifications on, you accept to receive, and with notifications off, you don’t. As simple as that.

2. Do away with fake subscription information: As here your users would not be asked to fill in their emails or provide you with other contact details, you can save yourself from those users who want to just play at it, avoid the need for sharing it or who are just reluctant to share their personal information. It is with the aid of browser that you will be handling the subscription. And no more user involvement. So, yes, it means you can have authentic details with web push notification. Good for you as a marketer.

3. Effectively manage notifications in real-time: The thing about using emails for digital marketing is that the action could be delayed or ignored for worse as it heavily depends on the time the subscribers come to their mail box and happen to notice your mails. With push notification, nothing of that sort could happen. The notification pops up at your subscribers’ desktop the moment you send it out. This means that there is no avoiding web push until your users opt for unsubscribe.

Other than the aforementioned three reasons, there are many other good reasons why web push notification is a better option than email marketing whenever it comes to acing out rivals in digital marketing. In the light of its benefits and how the users are responding, it won’t be wrong to conclude that website push notification is here to stay and take over email marketing.

Mortgage Basics

What you need to know about mortgages.

In the old days, homebuyers more or less had only limited options when in need of mortgage loan. But with the real estate boom of the previous years mortgage brokers, banks, and mortgage wholesalers have created many new mortgage products to offer more choices and to allow more people to get a mortgage at all.

The real estate boom of the last 10 years has changed the mortgage industry significantly. People who would not qualify for traditional mortgages suddenly gained access to the housing market when more customized products were designed and made available to the public. Here’s a basic introduction.

1. Conforming Loans: These loans are designed to fully comply with program requirements established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – the two government sponsored entities that buy and sell loans from independent mortgage lenders across the United States. These two entities have very strict caps defined on loans they will buy. Both entities are considered “secondary market mortgage companies”. Currently the upper cap for single-family homes is set at around $360,000 mortgage amount. Some real estate markets like Orange County (Los Angeles metro Area) and San Diego pretty much lost “support” by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac due to average home prices ranging between $600,000.00 and $700,000.00 (single family home). The Orange County Register reported in September that a house that sold in 2001 for $299,000.00 did sell for $719,000.00 in August of 2005.

2. Non-Conforming Loans: Non-Conforming loans are also known as “Jumbo Loans”. Unfortunately, jumbo loans are more expensive than conventional loans. These kinds of mortgages are designed as loans go beyond the $360,000 cap mentioned previously in this article. Jumbo loans are usually capped at around $2,000,000.00 by most lenders. Non-conforming loans usually incur an origination fee premium.

Purebred Or Mixed?

So you have decided to get a dog . Now you have to decide what breed you want. In How To Select A Dog, I went over some of the things to help you decide on the type of dog you need. By now you should have an idea of what size, activity level and coat type your new dog should have. Now is the time to use this information to help you select a dog. If you are considering a purebred dog I highly recommend you go to

It is also listed on the blogroll. I have been to this site many times over the years. It lists all kinds of dog breeds. You can look up each breed by name, group or even alphabetical order. Each breed will have a picture and description of each dog for you to consider. Many people do not realize that there are over 150 dog breeds to chose from. While you are there you could even look up when the next dog show is. Perhaps you can even see these wonderful dogs in person. Many of the breeders there will gladly talk to you about their breed. They may also be able to tell you if it is the right breed for you and your family. Mixed breeds are also wonderful dogs. At this time we have 3 mixed breeds and 2 purebred. Thats not exactly true. Technically we have 1 pedigree (Sampson) German Shepherd, 1 potential (Sassy) Schnauzer, 1 potential (Buddy) Siberian husky, 1 hybrid (Pinky) Chinese Crested/ Italian Greyhound and 1(Lulubell) a mixed breed of unknown origin. If you just want a pet dog to share your life with this is a wonderful choice. Some say that a mixed bred dog is healthier compared to a purebred dog.

I dont really know the statistics on this but in my experience it has been true for me. Although most of the purebreds we have had have been rescues from unknown breeders and unknown history. Take the time to find a good breeder. I believe if you go to a reputable breeder you will get a healthy dog. Whether you get a purebred or mix I still suggest that you go to the A.K.C. website and get a feel for some of the breeds that fit your criteria. This way even if you find a mix breed it may help you decide what traits it may have. Example: If you find a collie lab mix puppy you are probably going to end up with a medium to large dog. It will have short to long hair. Both are usually very good with kids. Both are fairly active dogs. I would also say collies are a little more vocal than the labs. A friend of mine had a collie who would enjoyed hearding her children with gentle nips when they were out playing in the yard. Keep in mind this is not an exact science just a guide that may help you decide on the best dog for you. Wherever you get your dog from make sure that the dog has been raised in a clean area. A dog raised in filth may not mind living in it. It is also just a simple way to avoid taking home a potentially sick dog.

If you have decided to get a purebred dog please get it from a reputable breeder. There are alot of people who have a purebred of poor quality who will breed it only to make a few bucks. Remember a purebred with papers may make it a pedigree but does not mean it is a dog of quality. To find that out you need to see the dogs lineage that will tell you if there are any champions in your dogs family tree and how many there are if any there are. A good breeder will also take time to talk to you and makes sure you are the right person for their puppy to go home with.

So dont take offense if you feel like you are being interrogated it is a good thing. You dont want someone who says Here is your dog. Where is my money. Have a nice day. I guarantee that they have not put any thought into the quality in the breeding of your dog. This is one of those times when how much you spend does matter but still not as much a the integrity of the breeder. Also if you are thinking of breeding make sure you invest in a quality dog from champion bloodlines. Dont buy a dog then decide to breed it if it is not of the highest quality. I hope this article has helped you decide what type of dog you are going to get. Please refer back to my article on Where To Get A Dog when you are ready to go out and get one. Good luck and remember to choose wisely. For more articles like these please visit us at Dog Gone News.

Is Debt Consolidation a Good Idea for You?

A lot of consumers are struggling with debt. If you’re only making minimum payments or having trouble paying your bills at all, then you certainly can’t afford to ignore the problem any longer. Depending on your unique situation, you may find that debt consolidation in Dallas is your best option. But how do you know if that’s what you need to do?

Weigh Your Options

When you’re in debt, debt consolidation is only one of your options. Your other options include bankruptcy and consumer debt counseling. Most people shy away from filing for bankruptcy. And while bankruptcy may be the right solution for some, it’s almost always the last option that’s chosen. Besides, new bankruptcy laws prevent you from discharging certain debts. If the majority of your debt consists of student loans, then filing for bankruptcy won’t help at all.

When you consider debt consolidation, you should automatically include debt counseling. While you can do one without the other, they work best together. Most of the time, people get into debt as a result of excessive spending, easy availability of credit, and failure to prepare for emergencies. Without addressing the cause of the debt, you may end up again in the same place later.

Think about the Future

Before you take any definite action against your debt, you need to think about the future. Most likely, you’re at the point where you’re ready to be free of debt. In order to achieve this, you need to be ready to commit. A debt consolidation plan can really help you get out of debt, but you have to be willing to follow the plan.

By the way, the same is true for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Many people cannot immediately discharge their debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Instead, they are required to make payments for the next three to five years. A bankruptcy is not completed until you have made the last payment.

When you consolidate your debt, the impact on your credit score is not as disastrous as filing for bankruptcy. Nevertheless, now is not the time to start accumulating new debt. On the contrary, you need to learn to be responsible with debt first.

Talk to Someone

You can spend all day reading about debt consolidation programs, but if you don’t take action, nothing will happen. The best thing you can do is pick up the phone and call somebody. It will allow you to start talking about your situation and come up with real solutions. You don’t have to a slave to your debt forever.

When you’re discussing debt consolidation in Dallas, you’re going to need a few details. It’s quite impossible to come up with a repayment plan without knowing how much you actually owe to your creditors. Therefore, you should gather up or print out your most recent statements to get started. If you have been ignoring your debt, the total amount you owe may surprise and scare you. Fortunately, this number doesn’t have to determine your life anymore.

Ideas for DIY Security Systems

San Marino security systems are installed to give homeowners more peace of mind while they are away or fast asleep. However, these systems can be pricey and are reserved for those with more money in their wallet. The rest of us may feel like we have to sleep with one eye open to be alert for intruders. Don’t be paranoid just because you don’t have a formal security system. You can actually create your own methods for keeping out intruders. For starter ideas, rely on these tips and suggestions.


Get inside the mind of a burglar. A perpetrator will try to enter a house if they believe it is unguarded and unprotected. They will look for signs that this house is a safe bet or a home to stay away from. For this reason, you should set up decoys so your house will look more guarded than it actually is. Many security systems come with signs and stickers that surround the property. Print out mock signs and station them around your house. When a burglar sees a security system sticker in your window, chances are they will leave. Another idea is to set up fake security cameras. Choose models without blinking LED lights, since this is a dead giveaway it’s not the real deal. Real lens with a metal housing and two wires coming out will make the dummy camera appear legitimate. Additionally, a seal of authenticity on the camera will sell your fake security camera.


Canines are called nature’s security system. If you don’t have allergies and you’re not opposed to having a dog in the house, you may consider adopting one. Not only will family members love this addition to the family, but you’ll have an added measure of security as well. A well-socialized dog will be able to identify threats. If there’s a new person at the door, a disturbance within the home, and a strange noise, your pup will bark. When the dog sounds its alarm, you can check out the treat. Some breeds are very protective and will attack if they sense danger.

Automated Lights

Another approach is to invest in automated lights. Put timers on your lights so they’ll come on during certain times of the day. This is wise if you are on vacation. You never know who may be watching your home and watching for signs of activity. You can also invest in a light with a motion detector for the indoors or the outdoors. Whenever someone walks by, the light will flip on. When burglars see this, they may become frightened and turn the other way.


When all else fails, lock up your home and secure it good. Replace those wedge-locked spring-loaded slider models. These are cheaper and not great quality. Keylock deadbolts are recommended because they are strong and secure.

Never mind weak links, springs, and levers that can be pried open. A key is the only thing that can open them. Nightlatch locks are advised for all doors and the garage. Window locking pins ought to work for double-hung windows. These suggestions should be a good alternative to San Marino security systems.

Choosing Cremation Over Traditional Burial

No one likes to think about their own mortality. But, eventually, everyone has to. In fact, it is important to plan your basic funerary arrangements ahead of time. You don’t want your family to be scrambling around trying to take care of your final arrangements while they must also deal with the emotional toil of grieving your departure. You want to make the end of your life as easy on the ones you love as possible. To that end, more and more people are choosing cremation for themselves, rather than the traditional burial. It’s more affordable, and certainly easier on a logistical level. To learn more about cremation and whether it’s right for you, click here at the bottom of the page.

The Process

In humanity’s ancient days, when cremation was a far more popular funereal option than burial, the bodies of the departed were often placed on a large pyre, which was then set aflame. Today in the United States, cremation is typically done with a special oven known as a cremation chamber. A cremation chamber kind of looks like an industrial pizza oven. However, cremation chambers are made with a special type of fiber brick which is higher in density and can therefore retain heat much more effectively. The retention of heat is an absolute must, since modern cremation chambers use natural gas or propane. These fuels burn at very high temperatures, and it’s important to maintain as much of the heat as possible. The hotter an oven is, the more efficiently it will burn what is inside of it, leaving behind less smoke and less odor. Once the body has been prepared, it will be placed inside a combustible container made out of plywood, cardboard, or any other flammable material. Then, the cremation chamber is pre-heated until it reaches 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. The doors to the cremation chamber are then opened and the container with the body inside is rolled into the primary chamber, also known as the retort. In the first chamber, the body will be burned with a column of flame that is aimed at the torso. The first retort will burn away most of the body within 2 or 3 hours, leaving only the calcified, flaky remains of the bones at the end.

A secondary chamber within the oven will then be ignited, so as to burn any particles or dust that might try and waft out of the oven. Some cremation chambers also include a device that sprays a mist of water in the secondary retort, which helps to trap these particles. Once the body is burned completely, funeral directors will use a wire-bristled brush to sweep the remaining ashes into a tray. The ashes may then be transferred to an urn or a special container and given to the bereaved.

Choosing Cremation

When Christianity swept through Europe, cremation was seen as a pagan practice and was thus discouraged throughout the western world. Today, many people, even those who practice Christianity, have modified their views on cremation and prefer the process over the traditional burial. Cremation takes less space, is more ecologically efficient, and is seen by some as a more respectful funereal practice than burial since a body that is buried underground is just going to rot away. Most funeral homes offer cremation services as well as traditional burials.

Survey Tells What Customers Want

Every entrepreneur and small business owner should be asking the question, “What do my customers want?”

How you answer the question provides a great indicator into how successful your business is. Actually its not rocket science. If you give your clients what they want, they’ll not only buy from you, they’ll stick with you.

Recently I read the results of a customer survey, by Kevin Stirtz, also author of, More Loyal Customers. He surveyed over 2,000 people and just asked them, “When you are a customer, what do you want?”

Here are the top 12 results reported in ranked order:
1. Listen to me.
2. Know more than I do (about your product or service).
3. Be easy to work with.
4. Give me what I came for.
5. Smile.
6. Tell me your name.
7. Acknowledge my presence.
8. Don’t treat me like I’m an interruption.
9. Show me your care.
10. Don’t waste my time.
11. Be honest.
12. Offer alternatives if you don’t have what I want.

Do you do these top things for your customers? I know one person who definitely does! This past Saturday I stopped by a fashion jewellery boutique, Vivah. I was looking for a watch that would look equally as fashionable with casual, semi and business attire.

I was quickly reminded of what Customer Service Excellence is all about! Melodie eloquently modeled every one of the 12 things we want to experience. With a few questions, she was quickly able to show me those pieces that expressed what I was looking for. When I found the piece that was per-fect, it was too big (small wrists). Rather than focus on the problem, she immediately started thinking of alternative ideas that could make things work.

With undivided attention, Melodie guided the process with her expertise and sincerity. The experience is etched in my mind. Do you think I’ll go back to Vivah to make another purchase? Absolutely. Without a shadow of a doubt. Not only will I make more purchases – I will be referring others to the same boutique.

Utlimately, that’s what we want as entrepreneurs and business owners. Customers who stick with us – and tell our friends and colleagues about us.

That’s customer service!

Stuck? Unlock your creative genius

I was meeting with a trusted colleague earlier this week who was stuck and struggling with her business and finances. We started speaking about the impacts of the new spiritual renaissance aligned with the calling of more she-energy in the workplace. We engaged in discussion about the new Spirit-Rich Business MasteriesTM and the value of tapping into creative source.

She was surprised to learn – you might be too – that our creative energy comes from the same source as our sensual energy. According to Baeth Davis, Hand Analyst, when this key source is blocked it is also what can often lead to a person’s financial block.

My colleague was silent. It resonated. She quickly knew she needed to unlock her treasure box of creativity to re-engage her business.

What are some ways you can unlock your creative genius?

Sing. Sculpt. Sketch. Dance. Learn an instrument. Go for a walk. Candle-light. Play music. Go to an art exhibit. Paint … the sky’s the limit. What’s important is for you to find what works for you – own it – and tap into it at will.

If you want to get unstuck, open your personal creativity and yes, embrace your sensuality. Be ready to engage – more business, more meaning, more life.

People Matter

I love forging bonds and deepening the intimacy of close relationships. i can’t help it. i think i came out of the womb that way.

As much as online networks have seeded some incredible connections, i still feel a need to make dates with Very Important Persons (my VIPs, those who not only fill my cup but allow me to fill their’s).

I tend to find the celebrities in my life when i engage one-one-one time with them. Usually we meet for coffee (him) and tea (me), or maybe we have lunch in the park or take our dogs for a walk. I’ve entertained people at a spa. Organized a coaching-retreat south of the border. Sat by a private pool with margaritas in hand.

Whatever it is, i find by truly engaging each other in our respective lives, we draw on more meaningful, deeper conversations then if solely left in an online world with a computer screen.

I believe we were created and enriched as relational beings. That means we need the human touch. The eyes. The heart to heart.
My request of you is to decide who is in your innermost circle.

Then strive to get to know and nurture your personal and professional VIPs. Be curious. Stay attentive. Share what is there. Invest in these platinum dates and repeat regularly.

You will be amazed at how it beautifies your life. Your business. Your living.

Small Business Wisdoms I Learned From My Dad

I took my Maxie for a long walk this morning and breathed in God’s green acres. As I breathed in the fresh country air and watched the birds dance in the sky, wisdoms i had learned from my father came flooding to my mind.

My father was a farmer. He was a small business man who tilled the soiled and nurtured minds. Here are the first 5 of my dad’s entrepreneurial-wisdoms I observed through the years. I just wished he had lived longer so i could share with him what i am sharing with you.

Take heart:

1. Break bread with your business associates, clients and employees. When anyone came to work with or for my Dad, the first thing he always did was invite them into our home, sit them down at the kitchen table and have a great conversation. He got to know the other person – what they wanted, what motivated them and how he could help them from the first meeting.

2. We are inter-dependent by nature. My dad taught me from an early age that independence is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Inter-dependence is where life is at. He attributed much of his business success to aligning with the right people in his life including his family, business partners and associates, and worker-bees. He believed your tribe stood be-side your ambitions and success.

3 Life is a series of negotiations. This one I didn’t just observe, it was drilled into me. In order to achieve success, you had to step outside of your own skin and negotiate fair, equitable and successful ventures for all parties involved. He believed anything less was self-serving and unsustainable.

4. The Sabbath is intended for our own health and well-being. I remember one particular year when crops were late in blooming which meant much of the harvest went into the Fall. Many of the surrounding farmers worked day and night to try and harvest their crops before that first frost came. Not my father! He used to say, “If I cannot harvest in 6 days, I will not do it in 7. Remember this. God included a sabbath because he knew if we worked hard in 6 days, we needed the seventh day to rest and replenish”. I watch so many entrepreneurs tied to their offices around the clock, 24/7. Is it a wonder that so many are drained, depleted and overwhelmed. Does this contribute to us facing the largest global mental health epidemic ever?

5. Hire passion and desire. Train skills. It was the 1950s and 60s. My father was ahead of himself in many ways. He clearly knew his strengths and spent his days applying them, and simply contracted out everything else – including accounting, bookkeeping, fixing the machinery … One thing he never contracted out was hiring people. He cherry-picked every single person because he knew what he was looking for. Passion, desire and good character was hired. Skill was taught.

I thirsted for my own business and having the flexibility and freedom I watched my family enjoy since my first job in downtown Toronto. It has taken all these years to finally put words to the powerful wisdoms my father taught me. Yes, i am his daughter.

Small Business is a Team Sport

We’re back on the ball diamonds! Between our two sons schedules, I can be found at some surrounding baseball diamond almost every night of the week.

One of the things about baseball is that it takes a team to win. There can be individual star pitchers, catchers, hitters … but without everyone applying their personal best – through their own desire, ambition and skill – its tough to win. Small business is the same! As an owner, you are a star of your business. But without recruiting a team of players, it’s tough or impossible to win.

I love when the boys rally. Once they’re ON game, it’s like they are unbeatable. The confidence becomes contagious and they build on the momentum of the team’s belief. They get what they expect and dominate the game.

As a small business owner, you also need a team to create a rally. Having personal confidence is one thing – but once you experience the power of a team’s confidence, it’s unstoppable.

Reflect on the successful entrepreneurs and small business owners you know. Chances are there is a committed and confident team of people surrounding them. Together they create the juice to win.

It’s exponential. You squared.

Biggest Small Business Problem

What are the biggest problems facing entrepreneurs and small business owners today? Is it the economy or …

Doing a little research, the following kept rising to the surface:
– Cash Flow (top concern)
– Overwhelm
– Working Solo / Needing a Team
– Loss of Energy and Momentum

What do you see as the biggest problem entrepreneurs and small business owners are facing?

Its important to know what’s going well in your business and raising the voltage. Its also important to know where your stuck so you can break through to new and welcomed higher ground.