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Bose Digital Radio

Bose digital radio units use ultra modern technology to receive and playback digital radio. In this context, the signal is received from the broadcasters as a series of two distinct kinds of pulses representing ones and zeros. These are difficult to confuse, so the Dolby digital sound quality should always be perfect, as long as the equipment playing it back is of sufficient quality. You can rest assured that a Bose digital radio is of the highest quality available.

When a Bose digital radio receives the broadcast signal of zeros and ones, an on-board computer converts them back to an analogue signal so that they can be played back over speakers or headphones. An analogue signal can be described as being ‘continuously variable’ as opposed to the ones and zeros or ons and offs of digital signals.

Up to this point, all digital radio systems work in roughly the same way, but where a Bose digital radio wins out is in the quality of the reproduction of that analogue signal. Bose have a long and unparalleled reputation for the quality of their home entertainment speakers and the sound that they produce.

Naturally, a Bose digital radio makes use of this versatile speaker technology.

Bose Radio Alarm Clock

The Wave Radio II is the name of the latest Bose radio alarm clock. It has an AM / FM tuner and a facility for attaching other playing devices such as an MP3 player or a computer. All of the functions of this full-featured Bose radio alarm clock are controlled from a small remote control device the size of a credit card.

Bose Alarm Clock

If you are looking for a Bose alarm clock, the Wave Radio II is the one of the alarms with style that you are after. At 8.6 x 14.6 x 4.2 inches, this Bose alarm clock is small enough to fit on any bed-side cabinet or table no matter how cramped the space is.

It has an inbuilt AM / FM radio and a sleep function so that it can be anywhere in the room, but you can set it to turn itself off once you are asleep. The Bose alarm clock also has a line-in so that you can attach other digital music players, stereo headphone jack or music systems to it.

Bose New Wave Radio

The Bose new Wave Radio II sets a new standard in audio technology with its computer speakers. Its fully-featured, yet ultra compact remote control gives you full access to all of this table top radio’s features from anywhere in the room.

The Bose new Wave Radio II has a new richer quality of sound and can be wirelessly linked to your computer to replay any sounds that you have downloaded from the Internet.

Bose Radios

All Bose radios are digital radios these days because the quality of sound reproduction from a digital signal is unmatched by an analogue system. One example of the range of Bose radios is the Bose Wave Radio II. It is a leap in design technology setting a new sound standard with its deeper tones and accurate sound reproduction for breathing utmost clarity into radio jingles.

These Bose radios come complete with a discrete remote control the size of a credit card, but which will allow you to adjust all the functions of these Bose radios from the comfort of your chair. You can also choose from the versatile colours of the Bose, which seem too match any decor.