Decorating with Color

A million thoughts go racing through your mind and clash with each other as you look at your walls and wonder- What color will look best? Should you stay with the tried and tested off-white walls throughout the house or should you let your colorful personality show through with different colored walls?

Choosing a color for your walls can be a daunting task at best. If you are starting out with a new house that is completely unfurnished, trying to visualize what you’d like your completed house to look like will give you a valuable clue. Try and think of the mood you want to create in each room.

If you are considering re-painting a fully furnished house, your best bet would be to take a color cue from an object with inspiring colors; it could be a piece of art, an Oriental rug or a colorful porcelain bowl.

Before choosing a color, take into consideration your lifestyle as well as the occupants of the house. If you have smaller kids and pets, avoid potential heartaches by painting your walls with washable paints in darker hues or choose wallpaper that is cleverly designed to hide smudges and crayon paintings. However, if you have older kids and you do entertain a lot, you may want to paint your walls in a more subdued and elegant shade.

Should you paint the different rooms in different colors or should you stay with one color throughout? Both have their pros and cons, which one you choose to go with is largely a matter of personal preference. While repeating the same color throughout the home tends to the knit the rooms together, creating an atmosphere of cohesive comfort; different colors impart each room with a distinct character and personality.

Walk the middle path. Paint the walls throughout the house in the same shade of ivory or cream and infuse elements of color in the different rooms with the help of colorful custom made curtains, upholstery and other accessories. You may take help from an expert painters Auckland for residential painting. Same colored walls act as a connecting component as you walk from one room to the other; yet different colors in different rooms influence the atmosphere differently and evoke different moods.

Colors have a huge influence on the way you feel. Some are therapeutic and soothing whereas others are vibrant and energetic. The colors you use in each room will set the mood of the room.


Yellow portrays the warmth, bliss and harmony of sunshine and happiness. Yellow lifts up your spirits; it feels welcoming and soothing and helps you concentrate better. Yellows of all shades can brighten up the smallest space and make it look larger.