Discover the Ways of Getting Rid of Mould Marks from Bathroom Tiles

A well designed bathroom is not enough until and unless it is cleaned and maintained. A majority of home owners choose to install tiles in their bathroom but forget to take proper care of it which results in growth of mould and mildew as well as deposition of soap scum grime and body oils which settle on the floor and walls in the form of grout. A clean bathroom is not only hygienic but also reflects your cleanliness. It is really difficult to remove the stains and marks from the bathroom tiles once they have deposited therefore it is advisable to clean the bathroom once a week to prevent any accumulation of these moulds and grouts. There is however a number of solutions available on the websites through which you can get your bathroom back in shape. Depending upon the severity of the mould you can start by spraying the bathroom cleaner on the walls and floors and then scrubbing the area with a scrub sponge or by cleaning bathroom windows with window cleaning squeegee.

The first and the foremost thing which needs to be kept in mind is that the cleaner which is being used is not hard on your tiles and does not affect its surface. Do not scrub the tiles excessively as it might make them loose their shine. The edges of the tiles should be scrubbed in a straight line and later washed with warm water. Vinegar also serves as a great cleaning agent and is effective in soap scum removal and stopping mould and mildew. A mixture of vinegar and water could be sprayed on the tile surface to make them clean and shiny. Bleach is another agent which serves useful for bathroom tile cleaning. You can even use ammonia for cleaning your bathroom but you need to keep in mind that you do not mix it with bleach as it creates toxic fumes. Decreasing the humidity level in the bathroom also prevents the mould from growing.

Spraying the tile regularly with white vinegar also cuts down on mildew. Use of liquid soap prevents the mould from forming and thus staining your bathroom floor. However some home owners are of the view that installing cheap tiles in your bathing area attract moulds and bacteria which is really not the case. By following the above mentioned tips you can easily keep your bathroom sparkling all the time.

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