Earth Friendly Automotive Cleaning Products

With spring around the corner, it’s about the time I start thinking about detail cleaning my car; how about you?

This year I’m going at it with products that are not only effective, but are also environmentally friendly, non-toxic (to my family, pets and plant life) and safe to use on my vehicle.

Enter Green Earth Technologies (GET).

GET has a complete car care line that’s non-toxic to all life; including humans, pets and vegetation. Their effective cleaning agents are made to be used without harm to the environment, so any runoff is 100% bio-degradable and will not contaminate water supplies.

Also, all the bottles used by car detailers London are 100% recyclable and made from recycled plastics (25% – 100% post consumer content). Even the labels are made with water based inks on recycled paper; This company is super green and effective and that’s I’m picking them up this spring.

Here’s their line of Automotive Cleaning Products:

Cleaning the Auto Body

Totally Green G-Wash Car Wash
Washing your car with a non-toxic cleaner is not only eco-responsible but excellent for your car. Green G-wash is not a soap detergent or petroleum solvent, but a mix of natural ingredients that work to dissolve dirt. After using your car’s coat becomes hydrophobic causing water to bead on contact and roll right off.

The result is a longer lasting shine, with no worries of runoff poisoning your kids, pets, or lawn, and runoff going down the sewer is completely safe.

Clean and Shiny Tires

Wheel Cleaner
Lifts Break Dust and Road Dirt Upon Contact for easy cleaning.

Environmentally friendly, check. Still Highly effective on all tires, Check Check check and check. What’s inside it?  Plant oils, veggie extracts, plant passed fatty acids, organic alcohol, etc.

This green alternative makes lifting the break dust and road dirt and laughable synch while leaving a shining razzel dazzle.

Lifts Break Dust and Road Dirt Upon Contact for easy car cleaning Auckland.

Ultimate Tire Shine
Follow up a good tire clean with a sparkly shine; Apply and enjoy for a good two weeks of shine and protection; Safe for the wheels and safe for your family.

Ultimate Tire Shine is made completely of 100% bio grown and degradable ingredients.

Superior Clean Automotive Glass

Organic Glass Cleaner
GET Organic glass cleaner is the green-alternative way to clean all your car windows and mirrors. It not only leaves an unbelievable streak free clean, it also protects with an invisible anti-static film that reduces future dust and dirt buildup. Nice.

Rain Repellent
Make your glass hydrophobic for up to 6 months with one application. This stuff seeps deep into the windshield forming a chemical bond that will make snow, rain, bugs, and road grime slide right off.

You would think something like this would be toxic and cancer causing. Not this stuff; completely safe for you, your family and planet earth; Super Bonus!

Automotive Interior Clean

Odor Eliminator
That hanging elm shaped air-freshener on your rear view mirror has got me wondering what I’m really breathing in; toss it out and eliminate orders once and for all. Odor Eliminator by GET destroys orders at its very source forever.

What’s more, it’s completely odorless, so you know the order is gone and not simply masked.

Get it All in One Tidy Product Package

A5 Pack Car Care Kit
Get it all in one economical buy. This is a great way to try out all the products on your car.