Funny-bunny true stories

A good short story is always retained in our minds. This happens just because of its moralistic values that the story posses. Often children prefer reading funny true stories as we know that children love to live in the world of fantasy and they reckon these stories to be true.

Funny true stories are not only meant with books, these can even happen in our day-to-day life in the form of an incident, which turn out to be true hence the name is applied as true stories. These incidents are classified into many categories but we will discuss the main phase:

• Childhood stories: – these stories relate to our childhood times, the infant stage where one is free from responsibilities and most of your funny incidents happen at this stage which your parents cherish in future. You do many mischievous activities like playing with clay and often pouring water unnecessarily, and even sometimes you get some scolding from your parents. These all incidents fill up your life with happiness.

• Schooling day’s stories: – schooling days are those days where a child learns many things. He learns how to talk to people, respect elders, knows the importance of education, explores his strengths and by this way he hones his/her skills. These moments that one spends are precious and you feel very funny and smile at your self when your recall these days.

Apart of it life has many silly incidents filled in with in bits and pieces of which some we cherish and others we over see.

In childhood days, stories become a good source of fun as well as these stories can make you grow. As you know that children stories are mostly moral based, which is a very good thing for young kids as they get to learn important lessons from these books.

Talking about funny true story books you can find many true funny story books from the libraries and even can get DVD’s from various book stores or even from music stores. These stores provide a variety of books and interactive DVD’s ranging from batman, chip and dales, Mickey Mouse funny stories, horror stories, action stories to bed time fairy tale stories depending on the interests and preferences from child to child. As some children prefer actions stories, some funny, and some fairy tales.

At times it’s quite possible that you might not get your favourite book from the local book stores, if it happens so, you can choose the option of buying them through the internet. There are many websites that sell many funny and true story books for a reasonable price and you can even read them online. The good thing about these websites is that the user has a lot of options unlike that of the book stores.
Thus these funny and short stories play a vital role in the Child’s overall development.

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