House Painter

paintersAny house painter will tell you “proper planning prevents poor performance” when it comes to preparing a house to be painted.

A house painter will also tell you it’s the longest, most tedious part of any painting job as well. It is also necessary. There is no way around this dirty side of painting. Depending on whether it’s an interior or exterior, the preparation will vary to some degree.

Typically with interiors, the house painter will move the furniture but ask that you remove breakable items like pictures, crystal, and figurines etc.. It is important the walls be cleaned and free from any dust or debris. Any nails will have to removed, as well as any holes puttied and sanded. These are minor details which can be worked out with your house painter during the bid process. You may be able to save a few dollars doing some of the prep work yourself. The taping off and primer stage is best left for the experienced professional contractors.

On exteriors, the preparation is more labor intensive, often requiring hours of scraping and power washing. This depends on the condition of the house. If your house is in poor exterior condition, you can count on the preparation part of the job being reflected at a higher cost in the bid. Anyone who has ever done scraping, will empathize with their painting contractor, it is unforgiving monotonous work. Whether it’s an interior or exterior, weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself, or hiring it out.

Remember, the reason you hire a house painting wellington contractor is because of experience and knowledge. They are armed with the supplies needed, the internal time clock of organization and staying on task. Nothing is more frustrating then biting into a painting project by yourself which demands a lot of your time and money.

Painting is more than buying a can of paint and a brush. Buying the supplies can be costly unless you just happen to have ladders, drop cloths, paint rollers, and power washers lying around. Most people don’t.

Then there is the discipline of time and dedication to getting it done. Leaving it to a commercial painting services contractor deters you from creating the “30 year-project” syndrome. If you want your home to reflect beautifully, don’t skip the initial stages of preparation.

Paint won’t stick to dirt or grease, white won’t cover over red, and painting over chipping paint will leave you in horror. When done correctly the first time, your new paint job will last for years, looking fresh and clean for a while. So maybe hiring a house painters and going for property maintenance Auckland is the best option after all.