How Important Is Under Floor Heating Insulation

boiler-installationUnder floor heating is a very efficient way of heating the rooms of a house. It is relatively cheap to install, there are no radiators or heaters on show. It requires negligible maintenance, and anyone having hands-on experience with electric boilers repair can look after underfloor heating systems, too. The most important thing is that the heat is distributed evenly around all the rooms. It is noteworthy here that under floor heating is very easy to install in a newly build property, but it is very difficult to retrofit in an existing property. The factor which makes the under floor heating different from a typical network of radiators is that it warms the air just above the floor and that warm air then rises through the living space cooling as it rises, whereas in case of radiators most of the energy is wasted heating the room at ceiling height.

Under floor heating is commonly used in bathrooms, conservatories, and kitchens. This implies that it is more useful in the rooms of the house which are typically tiled, and where one tries to avoid the valuable space being taken up by radiators. But it never means that under floor heating cannot be used in other areas of the house, it can very well be used throughout the house including bedrooms and living spaces, it can be easily covered with wooden or laminated flooring.

The most important thing to consider while installing an under floor heating system is under floor heating insulation. It is very important to insulate one’s home in order to save energy and money on heating bills. The other logic behind going for insulation is that as it is known fact that that under floor heating is mostly radiant heat, little of it will escape through walls and ceilings. But, if the floor underneath the under floor heating is not well insulated, and then there will be a lot of downward heat loss into the ground.

So in crux it can be said that the better the home is insulated, the better the under floor heating system will be working.