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Ideas for DIY Security Systems

San Marino security systems are installed to give homeowners more peace of mind while they are away or fast asleep. However, these systems can be pricey and are reserved for those with more money in their wallet. The rest of us may feel like we have to sleep with one eye open to be alert for intruders. Don’t be paranoid just because you don’t have a formal security system. You can actually create your own methods for keeping out intruders. For starter ideas, rely on these tips and suggestions.


Get inside the mind of a burglar. A perpetrator will try to enter a house if they believe it is unguarded and unprotected. They will look for signs that this house is a safe bet or a home to stay away from. For this reason, you should set up decoys so your house will look more guarded than it actually is. Many security systems come with signs and stickers that surround the property. Print out mock signs and station them around your house. When a burglar sees a security system sticker in your window, chances are they will leave. Another idea is to set up fake security cameras. Choose models without blinking LED lights, since this is a dead giveaway it’s not the real deal. Real lens with a metal housing and two wires coming out will make the dummy camera appear legitimate. Additionally, a seal of authenticity on the camera will sell your fake security camera.


Canines are called nature’s security system. If you don’t have allergies and you’re not opposed to having a dog in the house, you may consider adopting one. Not only will family members love this addition to the family, but you’ll have an added measure of security as well. A well-socialized dog will be able to identify threats. If there’s a new person at the door, a disturbance within the home, and a strange noise, your pup will bark. When the dog sounds its alarm, you can check out the treat. Some breeds are very protective and will attack if they sense danger.

Automated Lights

Another approach is to invest in automated lights. Put timers on your lights so they’ll come on during certain times of the day. This is wise if you are on vacation. You never know who may be watching your home and watching for signs of activity. You can also invest in a light with a motion detector for the indoors or the outdoors. Whenever someone walks by, the light will flip on. When burglars see this, they may become frightened and turn the other way.


When all else fails, lock up your home and secure it good. Replace those wedge-locked spring-loaded slider models. These are cheaper and not great quality. Keylock deadbolts are recommended because they are strong and secure.

Never mind weak links, springs, and levers that can be pried open. A key is the only thing that can open them. Nightlatch locks are advised for all doors and the garage. Window locking pins ought to work for double-hung windows. These suggestions should be a good alternative to San Marino security systems.

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