Internet business income opportunity | what is available to you

I have been giving some thought as to the sort of internet business income opportunity that you may come across in your search for a way to make money on line. Hopefully the list I have compiled below will help you to identify the type of opportunity you stumble across. At least then you will be able to categorise what you are looking at.
You will probably know by now that I am not a great one for cookie cutter “make millions of dollars” in a few hours type sites. No effort, work from a beach type sites are usually going to make money for one person only. No prizes for guessing that isn’t going to be you.
The reality of making money is that there is work involved and you would be well advised to start running from the people who tell you otherwise. My style is much more about trying to teach you how to fish for yourself rather than feeding you daily with fish. I believe that if you are serious about making money online for the long term you should at a minimum know something about how to:
Register your own domain
Host your domain
Use an autoresponder
Affiliate marketing
In addition you should also know something about:
Search engine optimisation and keyword research.
If you are selling your own products you need to know how to set up a payment processor such as Pay pal.
In real simple terms the only thing you need for success in online marketing is a way of generating traffic to your site or sites and a way of converting that traffic into paying satisfied customers.
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Once you become a subscriber to my Newsletter you will have access to a fantastic training resource. Like any business you may need to spend a little money to make money. However, compared with the offline world the amounts you need to spend turning an internet business income opportunity into a profitable internet business is miniscule. I will try to guide you telling you where you can find free resources as well as where you may be best advised to spend a little money. Very often the choice boils down to a trade between your money and your time. There all only two reasons to spend money in this business. One is to make you money, the other is to save you time which of course will make you money.
Anyway here comes the list. If you want me to expand on this please let me know via the comments and I will get around to another post in more detail.
Residual income through Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing
Being a writer for hire or providing services to others online e.g. graphic design, proof
reading, and social book marking
Affiliate Marketing or Selling Other People’s Products
Using auto generated sites
Survey Sites
Selling Resale Rights Products
Creating Your Own Products
EBay selling