Magnetic dart boards

Probably the ultimate in safe darts play, the magnetic dart boards use flat magnetic darts that do not have any points on them at all. Also the magnets used these days are much much stronger than they used to be, and will stick to the board strongly.

These boards are just for fun, not for the serious darter, but everyone in the family can join in without the worry of using sharp points and as an added bonus will not put holes in your wall or damage it very much.

There is even an electronic version of the magnetic dart boards Australia as well, battery driven it will keep score for you and even tells you your score, but only for the 301 and 501 games. This would be a great hit with the younger kids and a great way to introduce them to the game and at $30 a cheap way to keep them amused in the holidays.

There is no need to mount this particular board on the wall either if you don’t want to, it can be put on a table using its built in legs.

There are smaller magnetic boards for taking to the office that roll up to store away for the office execs that want a bit of fun now and then, and then there are the specialised magnetic boards with different games on, like a darts version of baseball and even a golf darts game as well, in case you get bored with the standard game.

There are new magnetic boards out from Halex and Dmi, so you know you will get a quality product from those guys, and you can buy with confidence. So if you want a safe game of darts with the kids, a magnetic dart board is definitely the way to go.