Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Christmas is here and we’re only days from the opening of the new year, twenty-ten! I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you to all my readers for your continued support since launch of Circlebox. Read on for a few stats since the release of Circlebox and what’s in store for the coming months.

The Past
Circlebox Blog was opened to the public about six months ago on the 25th June, 2009. Since then 65 posts have been posted, with a total of 145 tags and 1,071 comments.
The redesign was released on the 1st December 2009, and immediately made a huge impact to the daily visits. The design in itself was clearly not the only reason I hit a new record of over 20,000 unique hits in one day, though! Around this time I quit my part-time job, making it possible for me to concentrate on my company and blog (this post broke my record), and work for the great guys at Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions and TutsPlus (thank you for making all of this possible, leaders of the design community!).
All in all, since the 1st December to the 24th December Circlebox Blog has had a total of 60,000 visits and 80,000 pageviews. Lets hope this continues in the new year!

The Future
With the New Year comes new plans, new wishes and of course a New Years Resolution. So what do I have planned?

• Make Circlebox Blog successful and hit 10,000 RSS subscribers.
• Post two quality articles per week for Circlebox Blog.
• Fill my BuySellAds spots.
• Regularly write for Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions and the Tuts+ Network.
• Move out with my Fiancée.
• Get an office which isn’t in my bedroom!
• Depending on the success of Circlebox Blog, possibly start a new project.
• Don’t put off learning to drive, pass my test, and maybe buy a motorbike to get around on (I don’t need to leave the house much!).

As for a New Years Resolution, I’m going to try to stop biting my nails, which has been a New Years Resolution of mine since as long as I can remember!
Something else that’s going to be big in the next year is guest writing here at Circlebox Blog. I’m hoping in the coming months I will be able to sort out some of my finances and come up with a good price to pay guest writers. I’ll be looking into accepting written articles, quality tutorials (print and web) and freebies such as icon packs and blog themes. More on that in the new year!

For now though, Merry Christmas to all of my readers, and I wish you a very Happy New Year!

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