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Popularity of Black Magazines around the World

Black magazines reflect the metamorphosis of the black culture, which goes from strength to strength every year. Black magazines started off in the 1940s, post World War 2 when blacks all over the world, especially in the United States of America, started fighting for their civil rights that had long been denied to them due to their skin colour. The first black magazine was a symbol of protest and black identity. They wrote about the status of the blacks in America, traced their roots to the time before their migration and the influence of black culture on the American society.

When you flip through the pages of an African American magazine, you will see clearly see through the content that it is meant to help the blacks and let the world understand the blacks better, without any prejudices and preconceived notions. Black Magazines  are published for all fields, like sports, music, fashion, career, entertainment, housekeeping, etc.

African American magazine know what a black woman, man, career oriented individual or family wants. Health magazines for blacks include all information on fitness and diet suitable for the blacks due to their different body type and structure. A black magazine for music contains information about the latest developments in rap, hip hop, jazz, blues, etc. They run editorials about black musicians and many have even graced the covers of such magazines. There are other black specific magazines that focus on black celebrities like the President of US who successfully broke through the difficulties that were inherent with belonging to the black race.

Urban magazine is one of the best known entertainment magazines that focus on black entertainers and their work. Famous black entertainers have graced the cover of an urban magazine.

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