Purebred Or Mixed?

So you have decided to get a dog . Now you have to decide what breed you want. In How To Select A Dog, I went over some of the things to help you decide on the type of dog you need. By now you should have an idea of what size, activity level and coat type your new dog should have. Now is the time to use this information to help you select a dog. If you are considering a purebred dog I highly recommend you go to stayingsafestories.com.

It is also listed on the blogroll. I have been to this site many times over the years. It lists all kinds of dog breeds. You can look up each breed by name, group or even alphabetical order. Each breed will have a picture and description of each dog for you to consider. Many people do not realize that there are over 150 dog breeds to chose from. While you are there you could even look up when the next dog show is. Perhaps you can even see these wonderful dogs in person. Many of the breeders there will gladly talk to you about their breed. They may also be able to tell you if it is the right breed for you and your family. Mixed breeds are also wonderful dogs. At this time we have 3 mixed breeds and 2 purebred. Thats not exactly true. Technically we have 1 pedigree (Sampson) German Shepherd, 1 potential (Sassy) Schnauzer, 1 potential (Buddy) Siberian husky, 1 hybrid (Pinky) Chinese Crested/ Italian Greyhound and 1(Lulubell) a mixed breed of unknown origin. If you just want a pet dog to share your life with this is a wonderful choice. Some say that a mixed bred dog is healthier compared to a purebred dog.

I dont really know the statistics on this but in my experience it has been true for me. Although most of the purebreds we have had have been rescues from unknown breeders and unknown history. Take the time to find a good breeder. I believe if you go to a reputable breeder you will get a healthy dog. Whether you get a purebred or mix I still suggest that you go to the A.K.C. website and get a feel for some of the breeds that fit your criteria. This way even if you find a mix breed it may help you decide what traits it may have. Example: If you find a collie lab mix puppy you are probably going to end up with a medium to large dog. It will have short to long hair. Both are usually very good with kids. Both are fairly active dogs. I would also say collies are a little more vocal than the labs. A friend of mine had a collie who would enjoyed hearding her children with gentle nips when they were out playing in the yard. Keep in mind this is not an exact science just a guide that may help you decide on the best dog for you. Wherever you get your dog from make sure that the dog has been raised in a clean area. A dog raised in filth may not mind living in it. It is also just a simple way to avoid taking home a potentially sick dog.

If you have decided to get a purebred dog please get it from a reputable breeder. There are alot of people who have a purebred of poor quality who will breed it only to make a few bucks. Remember a purebred with papers may make it a pedigree but does not mean it is a dog of quality. To find that out you need to see the dogs lineage that will tell you if there are any champions in your dogs family tree and how many there are if any there are. A good breeder will also take time to talk to you and makes sure you are the right person for their puppy to go home with.

So dont take offense if you feel like you are being interrogated it is a good thing. You dont want someone who says Here is your dog. Where is my money. Have a nice day. I guarantee that they have not put any thought into the quality in the breeding of your dog. This is one of those times when how much you spend does matter but still not as much a the integrity of the breeder. Also if you are thinking of breeding make sure you invest in a quality dog from champion bloodlines. Dont buy a dog then decide to breed it if it is not of the highest quality. I hope this article has helped you decide what type of dog you are going to get. Please refer back to my article on Where To Get A Dog when you are ready to go out and get one. Good luck and remember to choose wisely. For more articles like these please visit us at Dog Gone News.