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Six Great User News Sections to Submit and Promote Your Design Posts

This simple but informative post lists six great user news sections you can submit your art, design and photography related posts to, all of which will help increase your incoming traffic and improve your feed subscriber count.

Submitting your posts to everyone of these user news sections on the great sites listed below shouldn’t take you any longer then five minutes, but can bring you hundreds of new and unique visitors in return. If you want your blog to become successful, or are simply looking for some new readers, this is one of the best things you can do.

User News Sections

Noupe & Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is one of the biggest and most respected design and development blogs on the net. A lot of people don’t know this, but Noupe is also ran by Smashing Media. Since Smashing Magazines latest redesign, they introduced a new User News section which is actually powered of Noupe. So add your news to Noupe and if accepted it’ll get shown on the front page of both Smashing Magazine and Noupe – result! may not be as big as Smashing Magazine, but it can bring in some great targeted visitors.

Build Internet
Build Internet is a relatively new design blog (although older then Circlebox) but they already have thousands of loyal subscribers and even more visitors. Submit your latest posts and articles here and you’re sure to receive some targeted traffic. Keep in mind that Build Internet mainly focuses on web development, so the more web development news you add, the more clicks you’ll get back!


Abduzeedo is slightly different to others on this list as you need to register and make an account to enable you to be able to submit user news. Don’t be scared off though, it’s worth it! The Abduzeedo User News Twitter account will automatically tweet your news submission to thousands of followers.

Inspired Magazine & Inspired News

Inspired Magazines news section, like Abduzeedo, also requires a membership – it’s free though! They do things slightly differently as the news section is actually powered from a different domain all together. The blogs address is, whereas the news section is


Colorburned is very similar to Sure, you might not get as many hits, but the ones you do will be targeted and are much more likely to subscribe to your RSS Feeds!

One of the shortest posts from me in a while, but I feel the short list is worth for those of my readers who own their own blog and are looking to promote it to the correct audience in a relatively simple, quick and free way.

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