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Stuck? Unlock your creative genius

I was meeting with a trusted colleague earlier this week who was stuck and struggling with her business and finances. We started speaking about the impacts of the new spiritual renaissance aligned with the calling of more she-energy in the workplace. We engaged in discussion about the new Spirit-Rich Business MasteriesTM and the value of tapping into creative source.

She was surprised to learn – you might be too – that our creative energy comes from the same source as our sensual energy. According to Baeth Davis, Hand Analyst, when this key source is blocked it is also what can often lead to a person’s financial block.

My colleague was silent. It resonated. She quickly knew she needed to unlock her treasure box of creativity to re-engage her business.

What are some ways you can unlock your creative genius?

Sing. Sculpt. Sketch. Dance. Learn an instrument. Go for a walk. Candle-light. Play music. Go to an art exhibit. Paint … the sky’s the limit. What’s important is for you to find what works for you – own it – and tap into it at will.

If you want to get unstuck, open your personal creativity and yes, embrace your sensuality. Be ready to engage – more business, more meaning, more life.

People Matter

I love forging bonds and deepening the intimacy of close relationships. i can’t help it. i think i came out of the womb that way.

As much as online networks have seeded some incredible connections, i still feel a need to make dates with Very Important Persons (my VIPs, those who not only fill my cup but allow me to fill their’s).

I tend to find the celebrities in my life when i engage one-one-one time with them. Usually we meet for coffee (him) and tea (me), or maybe we have lunch in the park or take our dogs for a walk. I’ve entertained people at a spa. Organized a coaching-retreat south of the border. Sat by a private pool with margaritas in hand.

Whatever it is, i find by truly engaging each other in our respective lives, we draw on more meaningful, deeper conversations then if solely left in an online world with a computer screen.

I believe we were created and enriched as relational beings. That means we need the human touch. The eyes. The heart to heart.
My request of you is to decide who is in your innermost circle.

Then strive to get to know and nurture your personal and professional VIPs. Be curious. Stay attentive. Share what is there. Invest in these platinum dates and repeat regularly.

You will be amazed at how it beautifies your life. Your business. Your living.

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