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Survey Tells What Customers Want

Every entrepreneur and small business owner should be asking the question, “What do my customers want?”

How you answer the question provides a great indicator into how successful your business is. Actually its not rocket science. If you give your clients what they want, they’ll not only buy from you, they’ll stick with you.

Recently I read the results of a customer survey, by Kevin Stirtz, also author of, More Loyal Customers. He surveyed over 2,000 people and just asked them, “When you are a customer, what do you want?”

Here are the top 12 results reported in ranked order:
1. Listen to me.
2. Know more than I do (about your product or service).
3. Be easy to work with.
4. Give me what I came for.
5. Smile.
6. Tell me your name.
7. Acknowledge my presence.
8. Don’t treat me like I’m an interruption.
9. Show me your care.
10. Don’t waste my time.
11. Be honest.
12. Offer alternatives if you don’t have what I want.

Do you do these top things for your customers? I know one person who definitely does! This past Saturday I stopped by a fashion jewellery boutique, Vivah. I was looking for a watch that would look equally as fashionable with casual, semi and business attire.

I was quickly reminded of what Customer Service Excellence is all about! Melodie eloquently modeled every one of the 12 things we want to experience. With a few questions, she was quickly able to show me those pieces that expressed what I was looking for. When I found the piece that was per-fect, it was too big (small wrists). Rather than focus on the problem, she immediately started thinking of alternative ideas that could make things work.

With undivided attention, Melodie guided the process with her expertise and sincerity. The experience is etched in my mind. Do you think I’ll go back to Vivah to make another purchase? Absolutely. Without a shadow of a doubt. Not only will I make more purchases – I will be referring others to the same boutique.

Utlimately, that’s what we want as entrepreneurs and business owners. Customers who stick with us – and tell our friends and colleagues about us.

That’s customer service!

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