The Driving Test

Currently there is a waiting list of approximately 12 months for a Driving Test in many Test Centres so a beginner driver is well advised to apply for the Test immediately on commencement of driving lessons eastern suburbs.

Where the aquisition of a full Driving License is essential for work related purposes, the Department of Transport is reasonably well disposed to putting a candidate onto the Cancellation list to avail of an earlier Test. A letter from your Employer explaining the situation will be required in this situation.

Remember that in this cancellation situation, your advance notification of your appointment will perhaps be only a couple of days and by telephone!, compared with the usual notification by post with four weeks notice.

In this event, your car MUST be ready and fully checked for compliance with the standards set out in the Department’s guideline. There are many cars just not up to standard and are therefore turned down for the Driving Test which leads to yet another long wait.

If you are planning on using the driving school sunshine coast of Motoring car for the Test this has to be well rehearsed; as often, existing pupils will have to be moved aside to facilitate you on the day of the Test.

Some of the frequent faults leading to the turning down of a car for the Test are:-

  1. Paper work out of date.. License, Motor Tax, Insurance even a faded and illegible Insurance Disc would not be accepted!  Insurance Discs tend to fade if exposed to Hot Sun.  If this is the case.. then replace it!
  2. Brake light faulty!
  3. Cracked windscreens!
  4. Broken or cracked Driver mirrors!
  5. Bad tyres!
  6. Late attendance. be at the Test Centre ten minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time!