Tips on wire welding

This article is written specifically for wire welding and you can follow the tips so that you can go ahead with the wire welding process without facing any obstacles.

First of all you must buy a good quality ground clamp; it may cost you somewhere around 20 bucks. Make sure that it is made of copper and that the clam has a very strong spring. You should also learn how to control the stick out; this can be done by holding the gun a little further away. The level of stick out can be controlled by adjusting the nozzle. Using a good shielding gas would be a good idea to get the process right. You can use CO2 or argon whichever does not really make a difference.

When you are welding bare wires together you should use E70S6 and for any flux core you should go for the Lincoln NR211. These models are really very simple to use and so you can go for them without any hesitation.

Now let us take a look at some of the wire welding equipments that are available on

The flux core wires are also referred to as FCAW and are used during flux welding. These wires help to improve the whole process of welding through metal transfer. Gas tungsten wires are also a good option. The TIG wires are found in various grades, sizes and shapes that fulfill the different requirements of the welding process. Saw wires are also very popular and they are used during very often in any SAW welding procedure. Mig wires can be found in two variants the automatic and semi automatic. During the process of Mig welding a shielded gas and electrode is used in conjunction with a welding tool gun.

If you are thinking about indulging in some welding activity this article should help you understand the usage of various tools during the process.





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