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Top 3 Reasons Why Website Push Notification is Better than Email Marketing

web push notification

Digital marketing doesn’t seem to get any better than what it is now. Some time back, everyone was delighted by how emails were giving a golden opportunity to business people to get the better of digital marketing. And it is also well-acknowledged that what all mileage email marketing got is partly out of the fact that it lets the businesses reach out to their audience directly and partly because it is a cost-effective way. But these very benefits of email marketing are the only thing that became the prominent reason why such a promising way of digital marketing is approaching its end. Now what the case is every time a person logs on to his/her email, he/she finds plethora of emails piling up in the inbox, forcing him/her to ignore most of them. So, now the chances of your promotional emails getting disregarded are more than ever.

Cut to this time now, we have web push notification, a newer, apparently better email marketing alternative. Read on to find out how web push can surpass emails.

1. It gives more control to your subscribers, and placate the email marketing haters with it: Email marketing helped many, but let’s just accept it, it has only ended up pestering many more. At one point or the other, all of us have complained about receiving mails in bulk and having a tough time sifting through all the hundreds of thousands of unread mails. So, in this scenario, web push notification is here for better. Push notification offers more control to the subscribers as compared to emails. With notifications on, you accept to receive, and with notifications off, you don’t. As simple as that.

2. Do away with fake subscription information: As here your users would not be asked to fill in their emails or provide you with other contact details, you can save yourself from those users who want to just play at it, avoid the need for sharing it or who are just reluctant to share their personal information. It is with the aid of browser that you will be handling the subscription. And no more user involvement. So, yes, it means you can have authentic details with web push notification. Good for you as a marketer.

3. Effectively manage notifications in real-time: The thing about using emails for digital marketing is that the action could be delayed or ignored for worse as it heavily depends on the time the subscribers come to their mail box and happen to notice your mails. With push notification, nothing of that sort could happen. The notification pops up at your subscribers’ desktop the moment you send it out. This means that there is no avoiding web push until your users opt for unsubscribe.

Other than the aforementioned three reasons, there are many other good reasons why web push notification is a better option than email marketing whenever it comes to acing out rivals in digital marketing. In the light of its benefits and how the users are responding, it won’t be wrong to conclude that website push notification is here to stay and take over email marketing.