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Why Choose Mountain Horse Boots?

Mountain Horse is a Swedish company which was started in 1988 by Lars Sjosvard. A keen horse rider with a background in footwear, he was unable to find boots that were specifically designed for horse-riding and offered a combination of elegance, safety and comfort and decided to design his own.

Almost 25 years later, mountain horse boots have become synonym with quality and performance and their range of designs have made them a well-known and favourite brand with horse-riders all over the world. Mountain Horse manufactures boots for men, women and children which offer support and cushioning, and are designed to prevent feet from being caught in stirrups in case of a fall. Mountain Horse are also renowned for their line of cold weather riding boots, lined with faux fur so that your feet stay dry and warm even in the coldest winter.

Not only are these dickies safety boots practical and durable, but they also look fantastic. For the fashion-conscious, Mountain Horse boots don’t disappoint with their variety of style, the elegance of their design and the quality of the materials used. Whether you need boots no higher than a few inches above the ankle, tall boots, paddock boots, or all-purpose boots, Mountain Horse have them! And they can also be complemented with the equally successful and smart Mountain Horse clothing line.

Mountain Horse are so confident about their products that they guarantee their footwear against faulty workmanship or manufacturing defects for one year, giving you complete peace of mind.