A Peep into United States Flag

Flags represent the political image of a country. They are made in various shades by artistic flag makers. Each flag of a country has a special significance and some flags even have a hidden message for the rest of the nations of the world. This article will throw some light on United States flag. It is a well known fact all over the world that United States of America falls in the category of one of the most powerful countries of the world. Naturally, the flag of United States must also have some special significance that signals national unity.

The United States flag is quite striking to look at. It is rectangular in shape. In the top left corner, there is a blue rectangle containing fifty stars. Those 50 stars represent the fifty states of America. The rest of the body of the American flag has a total of thirteen horizontal stripes arranged in an alternate pattern. There are six white stripes and seven red stripes. The thirteen stripes stand for the thirteen colonies that revolted against the imperial British rule and consequently crushed it. Those thirteen colonies were later given the status of primitive states of America..

This is how the American flag looks like. A little history of America was also provided here for your general information. Most of the American people are proud of their country and proud of their flag. This flag is also a symbol of their national prestige. The American flag is flown all throughout the year in administrative buildings, offices and in public buildings. This shows a strong sense of patriotism in American people. Hence, you should also take the lesson of patriotism from this article and encourage your fellow countrymen to always stand for the pride and honor of their country.

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