Amazing Facts about Flagpoles

There are several different varieties of flagpoles available in the market today. These items vary widely in terms if make and design. Well, you must have heard these lines a thousand times before. Therefore, we are not really interested in repeating them again. Today, in this article we are definitely going to discuss commercial flagpoles, aluminum flagpoles and different other flagpoles, but in an offbeat manner. Our focus would remain on flagpole trivia- facts that are just as amazing as the objects themselves.

All flagpoles are generally considered tall. But which one is the tallest of them all? Our search took us all the way to Tajikistan. The Dushanbe pole, which at 165 meters towers over its counterparts elsewhere in the world, is undoubtedly the tallest one around.

From tallest let us scour the world in search of the dearest or the most expensive pole. If the tallest pole took us half way across the world then the costliest one sends us on a ride back in time. Remember that famous picture from the sixties where a Jubilant Neil Armstrong waves the American flag back at earthlings? Yes, got that right. The pole from which Armstrong’s flag hung is supposed to be the dearest.

If you thought, we have just finished discussing the materialistic aspect of flagpoles let us inform you that our story is so much as even yet to reach the phase. By material, of course, we are not referring to money. In literal terms, there is a lot to speak about the materials generally used for creating these items. From wood to fiber-the materials for commercial flagpoles have come a long way. These days, wannabe pole owners have different options in the form of aluminum, fiber, plastic and wood. Prices for these materials, however, vary from one dealer to another. Of all other varieties though, aluminum flagpoles are the most commonly found ones.

And before we end, here is a piece of ‘melodious” information on the poles. In 1997, famous band Harvey Danger gave flagpoles and flagpole parts a musical edge through their song “Flagpole Sitta”.

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