Backyard Landscaping Ideas Using Stone

There are many different backyard landscaping ideas that have merit and are sure to bring a dismal area to the limelight. One of the most commonly used backyard landscaping ideas is to use stone in your landscaping. Stone comes in many different textures, colors and variety. One of these is sure to meet the preferences of the homeowner for landscape design Perth ideas with maintain by gardeners.

Stone Furniture

Backyard landscaping ideas using stone furniture is often the case for larger gardens and yards with modern garden design. Stone furniture can withstand harsh elements and do not wear down easily. Granite and marble are the mediums usually used for stone furniture. Some backyard landscaping ideas also utilize other kinds of stone for low benches positioned around the yard. Stone furniture may consist of benches, chairs and tables. Some stone furniture models have integrated glass and metal into their design.For the cheaper budget you might think of implementing artificial stone garden furniture. Not as elegant maybe but it is worth thinking about for those tight budgets.


Building Outdoor Stone Stairs is a really cool effect if you have a slope or incline that you need to landscape. Incorporating the building of outdoor stone stairs into you landscape is a way of ensuring that the investment of you time and money will last a lifetime. Many types of stones only get more beautiful with age.


Landscape Residential Stone Walls are often great landscape design ideas. These function to segregate plants and the yard into sections. Here are low walls and high walls depending on the design of your yard. Higher

walls may function as retaining walls for uneven landscape and low walls can double as benches or seats. Usual stones used for backyard landscaping ideas pertaining to walls are slate, river stones and limestone. Other kinds can also be used for backyard landscaping ideas for walls.


Stone is usually the best medium for flagstones, pathways and steps stones. There are several numbers of backyard landscaping ideas which focus on the different designs of pathways using stone. Not only does pathways show people the way but they also make great contrast to an otherwise green lawn. These also protect the grass from being trampled unnecessarily and prevent guests from stepping on wet patches of puddles. Limestone is a good choice for flagstones.

Stone Structures And Stone Water Structures

There are several stone structures that can inspire many backyard landscaping ideas. Some of these stone structures are arbors and trellises from which plants can climb on. Other backyard landscaping ideas that concern stone structures are water fixtures or structures made from stone. The variety of stones that can be used for arbors and trellises are numerous. These can even be made from ordinary cement with a rough finish for the creeping plants to be able to cling better. Water structures made from stone are usually made from granite or marble as well as cheaper cement.

These backyard landscaping ideas using stone are just the tip of the iceberg. A host of backyard landscaping ideas can crop up just by perusing pictures of different homes with landscaped yards and gardens.