Some projects are better done by a contractor. Find out what works best for you. Photo: IStock

May this article help you decide whether you should hire a contractor or do a project yourself. If you are tackling a home renovations, you may need a team of contractors or builders in Sydney, so read on…
Now that spring is in full swing, many of us are getting outdoors – sometimes for the first time in many months. If we’ve been thinking about some needed repairs or upgrades to our home, one of the first decisions is whether or not we should do the project ourself or hire a contractor. The answer will depend on your answers to the following questions.

Tip 1: How complicated is the project? If your project is replacing the roof or installing a new heating / cooling system, it’s time to start looking for a contractor, unless this is your day job. On the other hand if you are installing a paver walkway, then it may be a great project to launch your Do It Yourself (DIY) homeowner career.

Tip 2: How does your skill set match the project requirements? Does the project entail working with materials that you are familiar with? Do you have the necessary tools to do the project? Do you feel comfortable doing your homework and asking for tips at the house refurbishment london store? Are you a good project manager so that you create a plan, develop a budget, and follow a systematic schedule to complete the project?

Tip 3: Does the scope of the project require a licensed professional? Some projects just need to be done by someone who is licensed such as a plumber or electrician. This would be the case if you need to get permits to do the project. Make certain to find out what level of license a contractor must have from your municipal building department. For example, there are many classifications for electricians such as E1, E2, or journeymen. Just because someone tells you they are an electrician, make certain they have the correct license that the municipality requires to do your project.

Tip 4: How soon do you want the project completed? This is a two-edged sword. Sometimes we think we are saving time and money by pushing the envelope and doing a project that is a little out of our realm only to find out we have to call in a professional to redo our work. If this occurs it could end up taking more time and costing us more money. For example if you are contemplating a project in the backyard that must be completed in time for your daughter’s upcoming wedding reception, it’s probably a good idea to hire a professional.

Tip 5: How much is your budget for the project? If the project passes all the hurdles above and it seems like a perfect DIY project, then the final determinant may be the budget. If you cannot fund the project all at once and must do it in phases, then tackling it on your own is probably the way to go. Just be honest in assessing the prior factors and don’t tackle something that is too difficult for you, otherwise you could end up with a horror story to tell your grandchildren.