Short guide to help you find out the perfect kitchen as per your need

Renovating a house or purchasing a new apartment is an exciting task, and selecting a kitchen is one of the best projects of it.

Bespoke kitchens bestow us with umpteen freedom to select our kitchen with precision and personalization. But, at the same time, it also makes the entire task expensive, stressful and time-consuming. Starting from deciding the right style to finding a fitter and zeroing down on the layout, there’s a lot of responsibility in hand.

You might at times feel exhausted and tempted to rush into a showroom and pick up a design. But, resist yourself from it. A kitchen is an essential space in the house, and you might spend a reasonable time there. So, plan it out carefully – visit showroom, speak to companies, they can provide you with umpteen kitchen design in London ideas to choose from.

Consider the process as a journey; break the planning process into manageable steps, and give each step sufficient time and contemplation.

Steps to help you find out the perfect kitchen

1. Evaluate your needs

Look around in your existing kitchen and prepare a list of appliances, color, cabinets, space, pattern, theme, and storage. Include even those aspects which we do not use or like about your kitchen, and ensure not to miss out on anything. Next prepare a list of items and cabinets that you do not own now, but you want to install in your new kitchen. Once you have made the exhaustive list over a few days, highlight the things that you like in the list. This activity will give you a fair idea about your new kitchen.
Now, consider the space in your new kitchen, and ask yourself what you want there – do you want to use the area for cooking only? Or do you want your kitchen to be a warm space where you can spend some time with your family over the meals? What are the appliances do you need – are you a rigorous cook, what and how do you cook?

2. Consider the plumbing and electricity plan

Before laying down the floor, plan out the spaces where you will need pipework, like where you will place the dishwasher, and sinks, whether you want a moveable sink or not. To get an idea about the plug points, have a clear idea about the placement of the appliances for which you will need an electricity supply.
It’s good to chalk out the lighting design or plan out if you want to have spotlight over the cooking area.
Planning out the kitchen as per your family’s need saves a lot of time when you start your discussions with the kitchen companies.

3. Consider designers

To optimally utilize the space, it’s good to take input from professional kitchen designers and fitters. Thanks to their experience, they can guide you with an array of ideas starting from simple to innovative ones – you might not have even thought.
Kitchen designers can also help you to purchase appliances, fixtures, and fittings; they can arrange the best ones for you.
Experts like Schuller kitchens in London can help you to give a classy and stylish look to your kitchen while keeping in mind all your requirements.

4. Take inspiration

Your kitchen is your personal choice, and each one of you have a different list of priorities. But, it helps a lot if you collect pictures and images of model kitchens that you like. Over a period you will have an exhaustive list from where you can take ideas and pick the designs that you can relate to.
Make a note of factors that inspires you. Do not consider anything else like money, and availability while preparing this list. Let it be the list for your dream kitchen.
Eventually, these images and concepts will help you to decide upon the small aspects like the utensils, color scheme, and theme of your kitchen. And, you never know your kitchen experts might be able to arrange those things for you which you could never think of.