Small Business is a Team Sport

We’re back on the ball diamonds! Between our two sons schedules, I can be found at some surrounding baseball diamond almost every night of the week.

One of the things about baseball is that it takes a team to win. There can be individual star pitchers, catchers, hitters … but without everyone applying their personal best – through their own desire, ambition and skill – its tough to win. Small business is the same! As an owner, you are a star of your business. But without recruiting a team of players, it’s tough or impossible to win.

I love when the boys rally. Once they’re ON game, it’s like they are unbeatable. The confidence becomes contagious and they build on the momentum of the team’s belief. They get what they expect and dominate the game.

As a small business owner, you also need a team to create a rally. Having personal confidence is one thing – but once you experience the power of a team’s confidence, it’s unstoppable.

Reflect on the successful entrepreneurs and small business owners you know. Chances are there is a committed and confident team of people surrounding them. Together they create the juice to win.

It’s exponential. You squared.

Biggest Small Business Problem

What are the biggest problems facing entrepreneurs and small business owners today? Is it the economy or …

Doing a little research, the following kept rising to the surface:
– Cash Flow (top concern)
– Overwhelm
– Working Solo / Needing a Team
– Loss of Energy and Momentum

What do you see as the biggest problem entrepreneurs and small business owners are facing?

Its important to know what’s going well in your business and raising the voltage. Its also important to know where your stuck so you can break through to new and welcomed higher ground.

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