Various Kinds of Commercial Door Locks to Provide Utmost Security

Locks are usually provided to the doors or the shutters in the houses or the shops to ensure perfect security. With the advent of technology, a number of locks have come up and the use of commercial door locks has increased to a greater extent. The use of such locks is mainly noticed in the areas which get easily attacked by burglars or the rates of crime are too high. These locks are suggested to be used majorly by the stores who keep stocks of valuable goods and merchandise like precious gems, jewelries of high cost like diamond, gold and platinum or some highly expensive electronic goods.

There are various kinds of commercial door locks and it is ideal to use the right kind of locks wherever required. For instance, if the locks are used for areas which generally suffers a high crime rate, deadbolt or alarmed locks can be preferred along with the simple door locks. Exit control locks can also be used, which uses a particular regulation of code and is generally operated by a battery. Some high decibel alarms may also be generated according to the configuration. A sign of exit may be noticed in English, German, French or any other language in which it is set. These facilities help the locks to be resistant to attack.

Other than these, fingerprint locks are also available that give the highest security. These locks are used by leading locksmiths Brisbane. In such kind of door locks, no separate keys are needed to open the lock. A special kind of biometric technology is used which can sense the respective finger prints and accordingly searches to find if it matches with any of those that are already present in the database of fingerprints for opening that particular area or room and thus provides access. The database is allowed to store as much as 100 fingerprints