10 Reasons Window Cleaners Should Be Using Water Fed Pole Systems

Water fed pole systems will put you on the cutting edge of the window cleaning industry. There are a wide variety of systems available, and every day more upvc windows Melbourne Victoria cleaners are jumping on the band wagon and using water fed pole systems. Below you will find 10 solid reasons why you should introduce a water fed pole to your company.

1. Safety – The majority of accidents in the window cleaning industry happen while working on ladders. Water fed poles allows access up to 60 feet with the worker standing on the ground.

2. Economics – Water fed pole work can and often does allow for work to be completed in half the time of other standard window cleaning methods.

3. Training time – Water fed pole work can be demonstrated and taught to a worker in as little as 2 hours. A non-experienced crew can be productive their first day of work.

4. Production – Existing work can be completed in most instances in half the time. Therefore a crew can complete more jobs in an 8 hour day.

5. Company Image – A fully equipped truck with a water fed pole system and poles looks professional and adds a more professional appearance to a work crew.

6. Company Assets – A water fed pole system adds a tangible asset to your company portfolio.

7. Height of Work – Companies can address work up to 50+ feet without the use of RDS, ladders, lifts, or stages.

8. Accessibility – Eighty percent of the buildings in the United States are 2 to 5 stories. Often landscaping, parking areas, and building design do not allow for proper access to the glass surfaces with other forms of equipment.

9. Depreciation – A well timed purchase can sometimes save thousands of dollars off company taxes and be depreciated over several years and investing in good quality products like window squeegee, sponge and cleaner can minimise the labour involved in cleaning.

10. Expanded operations – Water fed pole systems can create additional income from cleaning blinds, awnings, metal and many other surfaces.

There you have the top 10 reasons your window cleaning company should be using water fed pole technology as part of your regular operations. Water Fed Poles systems can be purchased outright or in many cases the manufactures will offer a leasing or payment program, which makes acquiring a water fed pole affordable for most companies.